Experiencing a mirage of now

When she was told to cherish the magnificence of now
she quit questioning about him.
She wished upon stars for no tomorrow
permitting herself swept in the paradise of now.
She is breathing in current moment
learning to embrace the jewel of now.

Will she again dance to the tune of faith?
Unleash the fear of her losing trend
Why her puzzled eyes still inquisitive for unicorns
wanting her magic wand to work again.
Beneath her smile unsaid story
she wish for chapters with no title.

She confined herself in this moment of trust
living through every bit of now.
She has come long way believing in it
Will theory of now resolve her qualms?
Or she will drown with a belief to hold no one.

She is a cocoon trying to emerge as butterfly
Carrying infinite agony, not letting anyone to figure out.
She clogged bygone to lead her, she smashed the cord forever
She won’t let anyone to tear her down.
She is a free soul searching for a flame
with a conviction to merge with divine soul.









Epiphany of Soul & Secret of Universe

“Power of Soul” has always been a favorite theme amongst life seekers and quite debatable & controversial in many sense. We tend to get confused between knowing yourself and knowing your soul. Knowing about yourself leads to have an understanding of your definite behavioral patterns according to which you handle different situations served on a plate life has created for you. However, knowing your soul portrays how profoundly you are connected with the Universe and manifest the urge of soul. Manifesting our desires in a correct layout what we essentially learn when we offer proper commitment to our soul and eventually we get accustomed with the art of directing messages to the universe. So here we dive with deep connection between Soul & Universe and while performing this art of manifestation we are constantly working in spectrum with life and indeed these two are inseparable.

Have you ever been in conversation with your eternal soul? You must experience it to enjoy a great conversation when you feed it with soil of manifestation. One would need to archive logics to perceive the mystic side of soul where certain things are beyond scientific verifiable proofs.  As we advance in this journey we ought to embrace the darkness that roomed inside us in order to fetch the light of self-realization we have never rifled for. Dealing with energies is la carte to our soul to fathom real depth of it. Our seeking mind barely able to comprehend the desires that soul is longing for and then the battle of unquenched thirst of knowing inner self activates. Mystery holds in passing nourishment to the soul where we practice to detoxify our thoughts placing right form of energy to it.

Everything is accurately based on the energy of a soul since it has a celestial power to communicate with universe which is only possible when we practice to identify the requisite of soul in a manner to transmit the message one needs to manifest. Aligning your thoughts with frequency of your soul and then directing to the universe will have a major role to play what we are attracting. We commonly attract what we subconsciously wish for and which is why many of us fail to understand the beauty of manifestation due to lack of wisdom as how the combination of Soul and universe functions. Human soul is a divine energy and above all creations that interfaces to the supreme power of universe.

We as a whole are conceived with immense potential to connect with divine Universe yet tragically just few are able to unravel the dialect of universe. Believe me, we don’t have to be in isolated form to gain a mastery on it, awareness to your inner strength is the only key to success that comes with innate process of vitalizing your thoughts. Awakening of soul merely derives when we forbid ourselves getting indulged with nitty gritty affairs and focus on what we actually desire to fulfill our destiny.

“Awareness and awakening are two indispensable attributes of soul that enable us to rejoice the ocean of solace”.



Short tale of a wounded soul

She was a fearless soul with twinkling eyes carrying infinite love engraved inside, engrossed weaving her fairy world letting no one to know her mission. She carried a heart of a child with quirky mind of viewing life. She was a bliss to those seekers who failed to understand real her. Her childhood was full of miseries and her adolescent days went on questioning to the creator of this galaxy as why so much of grief placed in her kitty.

As she ventured into her gleaming age, she was rigid to be settled at low and why would she when she had enormous potential to blow the thunder. She was tough to be understood by common race which had often placed her in tough phase. She was never afraid of standing on the edge roaring at the universe with never quitting attitude to walk on the path despite knowing there could be certain emotional woes. She was adamant with her own convictions, however so profoundly in love with her man whom she always considered a precious gift rendered by the universe. But it was merely a fallacy she was living.

One day….A chirpy bird all of a sudden why denied to sing a melodious song without even whispering to flowers and alas!! petals struggled to sustain their vivid form and stop blooming. Yet, her world drowned in the ocean of darkness with no scope of sunshine not even a ray of light.


To be continued….

Not in a queue anymore..


Forget bygones to move on,
Since there is nothing to cling on.
Tears weirdly stopped rolling down,
Hardly see anyone to bank upon.

Starving for your tender touch,
Truly tired of loving you so much.
Your hidden gal haunting me too much,
Am riding a life without holding a clutch.

Time pushing me so hard with no mercy at all,
Gazing at the sky for a divine call.
Angels driving me to ancient hall.
Trusting stars will save me from fall.

Standing with a clueless heart,
All that I need  not more than a loyal heart.
Shutting myself off , but afraid of candid start.
Trying to tame mind for a wisdom act,
It is painful but a beautiful art.

Why I still crave for a beautiful talk
Though not willing for a destination walk.
Not ready for another shock,
This time will not place my heart at mock.

Unsaid lines….


Baby can I hold you tonight,
Just to say a final good bye.
Can we dance for a while,
Before we leave for miles.

Drowning to the darkest night,
Still wish to have a last fight.
I am walking with a broken heart,
My perfect world falling apart.

How you fallen for her with so ease,
Why I failed to understand this.
You put me through rough phase,
Pushing my life in haze.

Yet I am Pretending to be stout,
But am burning throughout.
You will never love me as before,
I am forced to be sure.

Pain is deep, still I breathe,
All I know your love is myth.
Look into my eyes and say it loud,
You believe my love is the darkest cloud.

Will you ever feel my pain,
Collect my broken pieces again
Don’t you say will fall again
Trust me, no fun in this game.

Erase memories with wrenching heart,
So we both can have a new start.
I want to yell, I want to cry,
But still wanna say a final good bye.

Wish to encounter with life once again…


Will not dance to your tune again
Will not be in love again
Don’t you say will meet again,
To be in pain again.
Wish to see you blooming again,
Not with me but someone again.

Change within me on fire,
Not playing with a string, but wire.
Storm is driving crazy, so am taking easy,
Life is limping slowly, wings are getting ready.
Never take a chance on me, there is no more you and me.

Try seeing with naked eyes,
you will find pounding heart with no lies.
I wonder was it my mistake,
to love you at every step.

Am standing on the edge with a pledge,
never to be in that cage.
Flying high to trample dark,
Surviving with countless scars.

Excited to encounter this summer,
with no fear, not even tears.
You put me through hell, left me to yell,
Am sure reminders will keep me well.