This Winter…

This winter may be different;
desiccate the surface of faith.
Quivering wind has a message;
but in the air remains the mystery.
Bundle of unfathomed desires;
free them all to where they belong.
Ashes of fairy tales;
sealed in drops of dew.

Solitude, a new winter coat;
will it unlock that door?
Waiting for the last scene;
this Christmas will unfold.
In Pursuit of unwavering path;
Immortal sacrifice a first signboard to cross.

When sun smiles at you;
playing a trick of hide and seek.
Now you get the hidden signs;
when winter whistles
go and get your best find.
Pack your bag with all tales behind;
with conviction to cross miles.
Old Patterns are erased;
to welcome a new space.
Caring hands may turn it all;
a gateway to mirage.

Winter breeze pierces soul;
a strange peace gathered.
Wipe the frost.
Will you see that wise snowman?
Wearing a sharp cold wind.
Answers to be found;
or better if left as they are.
Who cares when silence is in tune;
held in the arms of winter dew.

This winter discovering a new …

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