Taking a leap…

Series of memories wrapped,
Part of me will remain puzzled.
Outside world is an illusion,
Inner self is the mirror to look forward.
We could have survived the strongest storm,
but unfortunately it is not what I see.

We may not last forever,
let’s not be burdened.
Beauty persists in effortless love,
don’t know if my pride will kill everything.
No reasons why two souls can’t be together,
will that even matter if you realize someday.

Midst of the naked sky found myself,
you taught me to lay in solitude.
Quiet voice yearning to be heard,
but you have deadlines to cover.
Expensive gazette of love,
wings formed when understood your programmed mind.
Would taking a leap solve everything?
Idea of promise would be dangerous,
fearless freedom wanting a leap.
Let the wild flower bloom.

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