Emptiness  shines..

Emptiness shines..

Emptiness shines but why no one speaks the truth.
Why it’s beautiful flame is unseen?
All little emptiness of love unattended.
If it’s an illusion then let it be,
But where does that all go and only pain remains.
Partial stay renders pain,
Profound purpose of living is lost.

Emptiness soothes your soul and fills every part of you,
Darkest road takes to the path where that one sign board shines.
Empty road has a clear view,
But I don’t see you there.
You and I nurturing the emptiness within,
so let the healing begin.

Battling with so much chaos ,
trying to pull them out leaving nothing inside.
Urge for emptiness is stronger than filling the void,
Gazing at the empty branches reminds me of powerful horizon yet to explore.
My love, together would be an eternal journey till the end,
But you may still choose to wave whenever that moment knocks.
May be emptiness is all what I desire.
May be salvation is the point I want to discover.
May be something still needs to be risen.

Hey am tuned to the magical melody of emptiness,
don’t stop me playing that mystic string.
Only a joyful mind can hear that sound,
And am trying to be that mind.
Packing all my memories before I leave,
Not sure If I’ll say good bye.

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