Brave the odd..

Nothing can be so magical than walking for a purpose,
Nothing can be so celestial than detoxifying soul in the utopia of solace.
Reception to pain defines potential to go beyond edges,
Absence is what defines your existence.

Everything is right here, be a captain of your ship,
Deep diving storing every moment.
Creating memories never to fade,
every portion has some story beneath.
Those never-ending conversations with your inner self,
A belief to stand up again, remember  hermit needs nobody.

Each hill you climb brings you closer for more,
brave the odd and cut the cord.
Face the storm of the situation,
here are landmines carefully fitted along the road.
Seeking hand isn’t what you are,
so pack your memories and join the journey.

Who you are today may not be tomorrow,
Be a royalty of your every moment you spend.
You’re the creator and master of your faith,
Your every imagination has the clue so be alert.
Be open to optimism, be a possibility,
Get down to your knees to feel the surface and start.

Brave the odd to make a difference.

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