Unpredictable is wild, collect beautiful moments hidden in it.

One day my inquisitive mind produced an abstract thought as how my life would be if I attain the power to predict moments. Indeed, it would be like a coffee a bitter to hold in a mouth, but you are so damn habitual with the comfort of taste hidden in it. Known area is much complicated than it seems, it is like biting your tongue for too long and not paying heed to the opportunities that may appear on your life path.  Predictable is the area of comfort where everything works in an organized chain and is pretty acceptable by all of us, but don’t you think it would be a series of monotonous events with a never-ending baggage of boredom?  Our comfort to the routine often leads to loss in appetite of taking risks in life. We humans have the quest to explore unknown, but we often fail to do so due to imbibed fear of uncertainty running into our veins. Well thanks to my dear friend who has inspired me to pen down the worthiness of unpredictability.

But then my quirky mind apparently questioned what if unpredictable is bold and full of rush, I patiently tried to fathom my restless mind and then I responded with an aim to satisfy my neurons as how about working on the lessons drew from sudden moments life has tossed at you. Unpredictable is like a rainfall you have no clue about the density of it, but you cherish the beauty of a rainbow that often appears after a heavy rainfall.

Life’s most beautiful moments are unpredictable, but unfortunately you’re so fearful of giving yourself a new version, and ecstasy is suppressed with monotonous attributes which you’re living with each day. Universe has it’s unique way of waking you up when you have lost the real purpose and somehow been diverted from your role a life has already designed for you.

Life knocks your door with unpredictability when you are engrossed with routine losing the direction and motive of your existence, then it pushes you hard to explore the validity of your extreme potential you possess in order to discover a hidden strength which is  revealed while dealing with unpredictable journey universe has conspired against you to rejoice the taste of living a life to the fullest. But I would rather say it’s an actual fun to be waiting for what coming up next once you’re fully programmed as how to connect the dots of unpredictable phenomenon.

The most memorable moments of life are never planned that’s how you learn to be real you and your sense of action is developed and nourished with unpredictable flavor life adds to your path. The magic is within you, it is just the matter of one sheer moment, which drives you beyond your common boundaries and thrust you to rise above your circumstances. Nearly all unexpected moments are tough lessons help us to comprehend the mystery of life.

You need to realize that at a certain point of your journey when all premonitions & connotations have gone discordant showing a mirror that you hold a strength and purpose within you to get what you want and if that is not forthcoming then know when to walk away gifting a life a new and unexpected turn. Unpredictable moment is like a storm that takes away all your predefined notions about life and you are left with the pieces of hope and courage to render a reformed meaning to the journey which has just begun for you in real sense.

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