Passing through the tunnel…

Passing through the tunnel experiencing the journey of mystical fate.
Fighting with my demonic mind sailing off into the darkness of storm.
But then again I have been always curious to explore where the tunnel will drive me to.
Still I ponder whether it would take me to the destination I desire or it will lead to the circle of riddles never to resolve.
Why I still fear to discover the mystery of dark?
Why can’t I see an emerging flip of it?
Why I overlooked that the stars have no realism without the darkness of sky.
Soul shines only after a deep dive in the marine of ache.

I met you in the silence of dark, I tempted to embrace the sparkles you showed.
I treasure the mystery you walled, I am certain you’ll not let me drowned in the depth of dimness.
We may stumble and fall while searching our purpose but that’s the beauty of wandering in darkness.
The point of hope often occurs in the midst of darkness.
No matter if your words at times echoes making me suspicious whether to rely, but then too it retains my hope where the darkness lies.
I believe someday you’ll say it once to sustain the unwavering faith.
I believe, under the shine of moonlight no secrets can be detained.


Darkness will reveal the core of our existence but what if our journey ends and we depart.
I wonder if twilight is a quilt where we hide each other forever breaking the barrier of human norms .
I wonder if you can tighten the grip of our love passing through the darkness of tunnel.

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