When you’re so close to giving up

When you’re exhausted and lost the aspiration & objective of life, take a deep breath and bring your vulnerable thoughts to the level of poise where nothing can create noise. Always remember when you’ve nothing to lose you’ve enormous ability to revamp your another inning, so quiet your mind and prepare yourself to encounter with vivid dimensions life has stored for you. Failures have taught you to pause and have empowered you to fill the voids with absolute faith, so that you can perceive the magnificence of success.

Whenever you find yourself doubting how extreme you can go, recognize and admire the intensity of strength you’re gifted with, it has driven you this far. Just remember one undeniable fact that you’re not the only human species evoluted on this planet who is standing on the surface of turmoil. You owe no one for any clarification and nobody has the supremacy to complete you. Nothing stays forever, even the darkest clouds cannot forfeit the brightness of Sun and purity of Moon. 

It’s okay to kneel down and surrender to the universe and regain the vigor and strength you’ve somehow lost in the venture to rectify your fortune. Every teardrop tells the story of your courage of survival and your silence is the evidence of the strength you still preserve. You’re the host of your life, serve it with immense care for the delightful experience ahead.

Be robust enough to fight with your own evils, don’t let them seize your competence to rise above the storm. Refuse to inherit the loss you’ve endured and learn new ways of living instead of repeating what you’ve lived through.  You need to halt your mind at a point to tame the chaos your quirky neuro cells are constantly producing.

Knowing your worth is the ideal way to scale up your success barometer that enables to reveal the best version of you. Don’t burden yourself with the echoes of suffering, but do keep the lessons of your pain. There is no existence of a perfect relationship in this world so stop worrying about them who have turned you down and never intended to walk with you, but embrace those who stood by you in your worst, they do deserve your attention and unconditional love.

“Never give up, don’t bury your hopes because of dreadful experiences, miracle happens”

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