Carefree breeze –You made her like that…….

Remember when life knocked her down and she was broken in your arms.
Remember when she was shattered and needed your shoulder to lay on.
You showered a spring of reprieve which was a mere moment. 
She craved for a long walk and you swayed in the stroll of now.
Her tears lost the direction with your tender touch. Her eyes questioned your existence and you chose to say nothing.
Pain never had the capacity to break her, but your silence effortlessly did.
You certain your presence, but she urged for complete you.
And she knew, she was searching for a shell in the ocean of uncertainty.

Did you notice her smiling eyes when she retained her head on your anxious heart and enveloped herself within you like never to depart.
Did you even notice her lips whispering an unfathomable length of affection.
Your composition for togetherness was unique, but all she wanted a promise for life.
And here she mislaid the purpose of being with you.

She perceived a theory of life as a dawn to sunrise. You drove her through warrior zone to make her explore an infinite strength. She turned back for your existence, but she was left with a note of belief.
When experienced the dynamics of boundless love, she surpassed the clock of present and future.
When she understood the persistence of you, she discovered deep affinity with her soul and hence the mystery resolved.

She owns a journey of solace with no destination. She’s with nature’s bounty of peace, lost in the mystic clouds sketching her wings to challenge the fate of unstoppable you.
She’s wired up with a conviction to embrace a wild storm and a promise to flow as a carefree breeze.

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