Don’t say “Yes” when you’re not ready, Find someone who connects to your soul.

In the present era why the idea of marriage is reforming rapidly? Why youth is not ready to see themselves in this conventional tag?

Are we not in a stage where we can say yes to marriage or under the title of companionship we are attempting to challenge the traditional trend of male & female union?

Despite being in a relationship, why many are still in search of one such companion who can fathom and fulfill the appetite of thy soul effortlessly.

Companionship is unquestionably a bliss which is perceptible when seen, whereas difficult to describe. Divine & beautiful experiences lies in companionship beyond marriage, which is hardly understood by the majority in our educated and cultured society. Companionship is a beautiful experience which happens in any sequence of your lifetime and you can absolutely not envision living the rest of your life without this person.

Young Couple Dancing --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

You are in rhythm with this person and develop a divine momentum which is uncomplicated and pure, accepting and fostering each other, eradicating stereotype mindset of constantly pondering about future necessities. You both believe watering the seed of trust with an energy of now to outline your beautiful present with un-dented lines of mutual understanding and faith.

You are fully devoted to each other happiness in the way most wedded couples yearn to be, however reluctant to have this marriage title in place where autocratic expectation kills the beauty and essence of the relationship. It would not be wrong to say that the rituals and legal obligations can’t impose you to be with somebody for a lifetime, infact, it is your soul which keeps you aligned with the soul you’re seeking for, giving it a freedom to breathe and explore many untouched arena of life.

You & I….

Lying beneath the piece of sky,
where your hand searching for mine.
Playing with fingers phoenix tune of love,
gazing stars with no aim to count right.
Laughing loud at the past, drowned in current ocean
embracing the unknown with no fear of future.

You & I….

Exploring the river side with ankle deep in the stream,
Sharing one book, turning pages together.
 Holding each other close under the light of stars,
painting this moment on a canvas of trust.
When eyes are driving the expression,
Words have nothing to do much.

Companionship is an essence, fruit of love and if it is lacking, then no marriage or relationship can survive. Now a day’s youth is struggling to get the essence of companionship in marriage due to which most of the marriages losing its appeal and dignity. Relationship is like a sand which remains as it is if held loosely with an open hand but more you fix the hold it slips out in a fraction of second.

Romance can’t run the show alone and reach to standstill without the flavor of companionship. Relationship wrapped in a box of marriage is fickle and we have to conduct it on daily basis and if we fail to do so it crashes. We always seek success in relationship and every day efforts are performed in pursuit to maintain the level of intensity and thus we are compelled to be in the competition to manage the relationship rather joyfully living it to the fullest, whereas in companionship you encounter acceptance and understanding, you are ready to listen to each other, it is truly a lover’s dance, you dance to the tune of freedom creating new music every time. However, relationship revolves around authority, commitment & expectations and hence it trembles after a certain degree of time.

Under the shade of companionship, promises are made not only to stay forever, but to cherish and nourish every tiny dreams you decide to see and build together. Companions render new expansion, balance, and harmony to each other via their vivid characteristics, strengths and talents, you also help each other to grow and expand horizons. You shower your companion with love and gratitude and act as a pillar under any harsh situations of life holding each other with twinkling eyes challenging stars.

However, it doesn’t imply that you should change companion every now and then, our body has a strong sense of physical memory and risking with it can be quite devastating and would lead to extreme muddle and despair, you’ll wind up in a pathetic state of confusion and will never experience a real sense of joy.

Hence, it has been rightly said that nothing better than a relationship which is fueled with companionship.







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