Hey You !! An important reminder

Hey you get up and dance to the melody of self-love. You got to be with rhythm of life and for Jesus sake stop buffering old music which no longer fits to your new tune.  Be gentle and nourish your soul and take it to the trip of inner delight.  Don’t let your past steal infinite power that you own, your divine smile is an inspiration to many, keep that blooming and weave the magic of true you. Show monsters a real you who pushed you to the extreme of agony and left you to scream in the valley of dark. You’ve come so far winning over every battle life has tried on you, sharpen your sword and let your effective hands dance with it and design the destiny you desire.

Shred those beliefs that have kept you stuck for too long and made you paralyzed and devastated. You’ve to get up with all your weapons and tramp to build a castle again, but this time with a brick merged with loyalty & trust, pick up dreadful pieces discard them in a trash as you can’t rebuild your fate using them. You deserve all you want so go for it and destroy that hinders your path. Let your past repent to see your present loving you. Once again tell yourself how gorgeous you are and dress like a princess your mom always dreamed of.

Supreme has plans for you and he doesn’t like sharing his diary, so enjoy surprises he serves for you. Demand the universe how you would like to be treated by refusing to accept what is not positive, productive and gratifying.

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