Experiencing a mirage of now

When she was told to cherish the magnificence of now
she quit questioning about him.
She wished upon stars for no tomorrow
permitting herself swept in the paradise of now.
She is breathing in current moment
learning to embrace the jewel of now.

Will she again dance to the tune of faith?
Unleash the fear of her losing trend
Why her puzzled eyes still inquisitive for unicorns
wanting her magic wand to work again.
Beneath her smile unsaid story
she wish for chapters with no title.

She confined herself in this moment of trust
living through every bit of now.
She has come long way believing in it
Will theory of now resolve her qualms?
Or she will drown with a belief to hold no one.

She is a cocoon trying to emerge as butterfly
Carrying infinite agony, not letting anyone to figure out.
She clogged bygone to lead her, she smashed the cord forever
She won’t let anyone to tear her down.
She is a free soul searching for a flame
with a conviction to merge with divine soul.








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