Short tale of a wounded soul

She was a fearless soul with twinkling eyes carrying infinite love engraved inside, engrossed weaving her fairy world letting no one to know her mission. She carried a heart of a child with quirky mind of viewing life. She was a bliss to those seekers who failed to understand real her. Her childhood was full of miseries and her adolescent days went on questioning to the creator of this galaxy as why so much of grief placed in her kitty.

As she ventured into her gleaming age, she was rigid to be settled at low and why would she when she had enormous potential to blow the thunder. She was tough to be understood by common race which had often placed her in tough phase. She was never afraid of standing on the edge roaring at the universe with never quitting attitude to walk on the path despite knowing there could be certain emotional woes. She was adamant with her own convictions, however so profoundly in love with her man whom she always considered a precious gift rendered by the universe. But it was merely a fallacy she was living.

One day….A chirpy bird all of a sudden why denied to sing a melodious song without even whispering to flowers and alas!! petals struggled to sustain their vivid form and stop blooming. Yet, her world drowned in the ocean of darkness with no scope of sunshine not even a ray of light.


To be continued….


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