Forget bygones to move on,
Since there is nothing to cling on.
Tears weirdly stopped rolling down,
Hardly see anyone to bank upon.

Starving for your tender touch,
Truly tired of loving you so much.
Your hidden gal haunting me too much,
Am riding a life without holding a clutch.

Time pushing me so hard with no mercy at all,
Gazing at the sky for a divine call.
Angels driving me to ancient hall.
Trusting stars will save me from fall.

Standing with a clueless heart,
All that I need  not more than a loyal heart.
Shutting myself off , but afraid of candid start.
Trying to tame mind for a wisdom act,
It is painful but a beautiful art.

Why I still crave for a beautiful talk
Though not willing for a destination walk.
Not ready for another shock,
This time will not place my heart at mock.

Posted by:Payal Mishra

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