Unsaid lines….


Baby can I hold you tonight,
Just to say a final good bye.
Can we dance for a while,
Before we leave for miles.

Drowning to the darkest night,
Still wish to have a last fight.
I am walking with a broken heart,
My perfect world falling apart.

How you fallen for her with so ease,
Why I failed to understand this.
You put me through rough phase,
Pushing my life in haze.

Yet I am Pretending to be stout,
But am burning throughout.
You will never love me as before,
I am forced to be sure.

Pain is deep, still I breathe,
All I know your love is myth.
Look into my eyes and say it loud,
You believe my love is the darkest cloud.

Will you ever feel my pain,
Collect my broken pieces again
Don’t you say will fall again
Trust me, no fun in this game.

Erase memories with wrenching heart,
So we both can have a new start.
I want to yell, I want to cry,
But still wanna say a final good bye.

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