Wish to encounter with life once again…


Will not dance to your tune again
Will not be in love again
Don’t you say will meet again,
To be in pain again.
Wish to see you blooming again,
Not with me but someone again.

Change within me on fire,
Not playing with a string, but wire.
Storm is driving crazy, so am taking easy,
Life is limping slowly, wings are getting ready.
Never take a chance on me, there is no more you and me.

Try seeing with naked eyes,
you will find pounding heart with no lies.
I wonder was it my mistake,
to love you at every step.

Am standing on the edge with a pledge,
never to be in that cage.
Flying high to trample dark,
Surviving with countless scars.

Excited to encounter this summer,
with no fear, not even tears.
You put me through hell, left me to yell,
Am sure reminders will keep me well.


2 Comments on “Wish to encounter with life once again…

  1. Thiss iss a topic which is newar tto myy heart…
    Bestt wishes! Exactly were are your contact details though?


  2. Kaun poochta hai pinjaray mie band parindo ko ‘Ghalib’
    Yaad wo ate hai jo urr jate hai ….

    I’m not an expert but must say you write really good … Keep flying 🙂


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