Unpredictable is wild 

IMG_20170724_004508One day sitting on the couch sipping a   coffee produced a genuine thought as how lifeless our lives would be if we happen to predict moments. Certainly it would be a baggage of monotonous events.  Well thanks to my dear friend who inspired me to pen down the worthiness of unpredictability.

Yes, like a coffee, bitter to hold but you are so damn habitual with the comfort of taste hidden in it. But then my quirky mind apparently questioned what if unpredictable is bold and full of rush, I patiently tried to fathom my restless mind, how about working on lessons drew from the sudden moments life has thrown at you. Unpredictable  is like a rainfall you have no clue about the density of it but you cherish the beauty of rainbow.

This Winter…

This winter may be different;
desiccate the surface of faith.
Quivering wind has a message;
but in the air remains the mystery.
Bundle of unfathomed desires;
free them all to where they belong.
Ashes of fairy tales;
sealed in drops of dew.

Solitude, a new winter coat;
will it unlock that door?
Waiting for the last scene;
this Christmas will unfold.
In Pursuit of unwavering path;
Immortal sacrifice a first signboard to cross.

When sun smiles at you;
playing a trick of hide and seek.
Now you get the hidden signs;
when winter whistles
go and get your best find.
Pack your bag with all tales behind;
with conviction to cross miles.
Old Patterns are erased;
to welcome a new space.
Caring hands may turn it all;
a gateway to mirage.

Winter breeze pierces soul;
a strange peace gathered.
Wipe the frost.
Will you see that wise snowman?
Wearing a sharp cold wind.
Answers to be found;
or better if left as they are.
Who cares when silence is in tune;
held in the arms of winter dew.

This winter discovering a new …

Rising up to solitude..

Everyone at their convenience;
Very few make efforts.
Peace can be at toss;
when you look around.
Mind boggles with too many thoughts.
You begin to ponder your existence;

Look for answers;
as each day begins.
When heart stopped giving clues;
mind grows to standstill.
A part of you is evolving;
Unique horizons yet to cover.

Oh you getting to know the life secrets
how about losing in solitude?
Rising with every sun set will be a delight.
Originality thrives in the melody of solitude;
but you fear to let your shoulders drop.
Be like an air and swing high as you can;
each scar  a piece of signature.
Purification a painful process;
let yourself be ready .




Taking a leap…

Series of memories wrapped,
Part of me will remain puzzled.
Outside world is an illusion,
Inner self is the mirror to look forward.
We could have survived the strongest storm,
but unfortunately it is not what I see.

We may not last forever,
let’s not be burdened.
Beauty persists in effortless love,
don’t know if my pride will kill everything.
No reasons why two souls can’t be together,
will that even matter if you realize someday.

Midst of the naked sky found myself,
you taught me to lay in solitude.
Quiet voice yearning to be heard,
but you have deadlines to cover.
Expensive gazette of love,
wings formed when understood your programmed mind.
Would taking a leap solve everything?
Idea of promise would be dangerous,
fearless freedom wanting a leap.
Let the wild flower bloom.

Emptiness  shines..

Emptiness shines..

Emptiness shines but why no one speaks the truth.
Why it’s beautiful flame is unseen?
All little emptiness of love unattended.
If it’s an illusion then let it be,
But where does that all go and only pain remains.
Partial stay renders pain,
Profound purpose of living is lost.

Emptiness soothes your soul and fills every part of you,
Darkest road takes to the path where that one sign board shines.
Empty road has a clear view,
But I don’t see you there.
You and I nurturing the emptiness within,
so let the healing begin.

Battling with so much chaos ,
trying to pull them out leaving nothing inside.
Urge for emptiness is stronger than filling the void,
Gazing at the empty branches reminds me of powerful horizon yet to explore.
My love, together would be an eternal journey till the end,
But you may still choose to wave whenever that moment knocks.
May be emptiness is all what I desire.
May be salvation is the point I want to discover.
May be something still needs to be risen.

Hey am tuned to the magical melody of emptiness,
don’t stop me playing that mystic string.
Only a joyful mind can hear that sound,
And am trying to be that mind.
Packing all my memories before I leave,
Not sure If I’ll say good bye.

Brave the odd..

Nothing can be so magical than walking for a purpose,
Nothing can be so celestial than detoxifying soul in the utopia of solace.
Reception to pain defines potential to go beyond edges,
Absence is what defines your existence.

Everything is right here, be a captain of your ship,
Deep diving storing every moment.
Creating memories never to fade,
every portion has some story beneath.
Those never-ending conversations with your inner self,
A belief to stand up again, remember  hermit needs nobody.

Each hill you climb brings you closer for more,
brave the odd and cut the cord.
Face the storm of the situation,
here are landmines carefully fitted along the road.
Seeking hand isn’t what you are,
so pack your memories and join the journey.

Who you are today may not be tomorrow,
Be a royalty of your every moment you spend.
You’re the creator and master of your faith,
Your every imagination has the clue so be alert.
Be open to optimism, be a possibility,
Get down to your knees to feel the surface and start.

Brave the odd to make a difference.

Unpredictable is wild, collect beautiful moments hidden in it.

One day my inquisitive mind produced an abstract thought as how my life would be if I attain the power to predict moments. Indeed, it would be like a coffee a bitter to hold in a mouth, but you are so damn habitual with the comfort of taste hidden in it. Known area is much complicated than it seems, it is like biting your tongue for too long and not paying heed to the opportunities that may appear on your life path.  Predictable is the area of comfort where everything works in an organized chain and is pretty acceptable by all of us, but don’t you think it would be a series of monotonous events with a never-ending baggage of boredom?  Our comfort to the routine often leads to loss in appetite of taking risks in life. We humans have the quest to explore unknown, but we often fail to do so due to imbibed fear of uncertainty running into our veins. Well thanks to my dear friend who has inspired me to pen down the worthiness of unpredictability.

But then my quirky mind apparently questioned what if unpredictable is bold and full of rush, I patiently tried to fathom my restless mind and then I responded with an aim to satisfy my neurons as how about working on the lessons drew from sudden moments life has tossed at you. Unpredictable is like a rainfall you have no clue about the density of it, but you cherish the beauty of a rainbow that often appears after a heavy rainfall.

Life’s most beautiful moments are unpredictable, but unfortunately you’re so fearful of giving yourself a new version, and ecstasy is suppressed with monotonous attributes which you’re living with each day. Universe has it’s unique way of waking you up when you have lost the real purpose and somehow been diverted from your role a life has already designed for you.

Life knocks your door with unpredictability when you are engrossed with routine losing the direction and motive of your existence, then it pushes you hard to explore the validity of your extreme potential you possess in order to discover a hidden strength which is  revealed while dealing with unpredictable journey universe has conspired against you to rejoice the taste of living a life to the fullest. But I would rather say it’s an actual fun to be waiting for what coming up next once you’re fully programmed as how to connect the dots of unpredictable phenomenon.

The most memorable moments of life are never planned that’s how you learn to be real you and your sense of action is developed and nourished with unpredictable flavor life adds to your path. The magic is within you, it is just the matter of one sheer moment, which drives you beyond your common boundaries and thrust you to rise above your circumstances. Nearly all unexpected moments are tough lessons help us to comprehend the mystery of life.

You need to realize that at a certain point of your journey when all premonitions & connotations have gone discordant showing a mirror that you hold a strength and purpose within you to get what you want and if that is not forthcoming then know when to walk away gifting a life a new and unexpected turn. Unpredictable moment is like a storm that takes away all your predefined notions about life and you are left with the pieces of hope and courage to render a reformed meaning to the journey which has just begun for you in real sense.

Passing through the tunnel…

Passing through the tunnel experiencing the journey of mystical fate.
Fighting with my demonic mind sailing off into the darkness of storm.
But then again I have been always curious to explore where the tunnel will drive me to.
Still I ponder whether it would take me to the destination I desire or it will lead to the circle of riddles never to resolve.
Why I still fear to discover the mystery of dark?
Why can’t I see an emerging flip of it?
Why I overlooked that the stars have no realism without the darkness of sky.
Soul shines only after a deep dive in the marine of ache.

I met you in the silence of dark, I tempted to embrace the sparkles you showed.
I treasure the mystery you walled, I am certain you’ll not let me drowned in the depth of dimness.
We may stumble and fall while searching our purpose but that’s the beauty of wandering in darkness.
The point of hope often occurs in the midst of darkness.
No matter if your words at times echoes making me suspicious whether to rely, but then too it retains my hope where the darkness lies.
I believe someday you’ll say it once to sustain the unwavering faith.
I believe, under the shine of moonlight no secrets can be detained.


Darkness will reveal the core of our existence but what if our journey ends and we depart.
I wonder if twilight is a quilt where we hide each other forever breaking the barrier of human norms .
I wonder if you can tighten the grip of our love passing through the darkness of tunnel.

When you’re so close to giving up

When you’re exhausted and lost the aspiration & objective of life, take a deep breath and bring your vulnerable thoughts to the level of poise where nothing can create noise. Always remember when you’ve nothing to lose you’ve enormous ability to revamp your another inning, so quiet your mind and prepare yourself to encounter with vivid dimensions life has stored for you. Failures have taught you to pause and have empowered you to fill the voids with absolute faith, so that you can perceive the magnificence of success.

Whenever you find yourself doubting how extreme you can go, recognize and admire the intensity of strength you’re gifted with, it has driven you this far. Just remember one undeniable fact that you’re not the only human species evoluted on this planet who is standing on the surface of turmoil. You owe no one for any clarification and nobody has the supremacy to complete you. Nothing stays forever, even the darkest clouds cannot forfeit the brightness of Sun and purity of Moon. 

It’s okay to kneel down and surrender to the universe and regain the vigor and strength you’ve somehow lost in the venture to rectify your fortune. Every teardrop tells the story of your courage of survival and your silence is the evidence of the strength you still preserve. You’re the host of your life, serve it with immense care for the delightful experience ahead.

Be robust enough to fight with your own evils, don’t let them seize your competence to rise above the storm. Refuse to inherit the loss you’ve endured and learn new ways of living instead of repeating what you’ve lived through.  You need to halt your mind at a point to tame the chaos your quirky neuro cells are constantly producing.

Knowing your worth is the ideal way to scale up your success barometer that enables to reveal the best version of you. Don’t burden yourself with the echoes of suffering, but do keep the lessons of your pain. There is no existence of a perfect relationship in this world so stop worrying about them who have turned you down and never intended to walk with you, but embrace those who stood by you in your worst, they do deserve your attention and unconditional love.

“Never give up, don’t bury your hopes because of dreadful experiences, miracle happens”

Carefree breeze –You made her like that…….

Remember when life knocked her down and she was broken in your arms.
Remember when she was shattered and needed your shoulder to lay on.
You showered a spring of reprieve which was a mere moment. 
She craved for a long walk and you swayed in the stroll of now.
Her tears lost the direction with your tender touch. Her eyes questioned your existence and you chose to say nothing.
Pain never had the capacity to break her, but your silence effortlessly did.
You certain your presence, but she urged for complete you.
And she knew, she was searching for a shell in the ocean of uncertainty.

Did you notice her smiling eyes when she retained her head on your anxious heart and enveloped herself within you like never to depart.
Did you even notice her lips whispering an unfathomable length of affection.
Your composition for togetherness was unique, but all she wanted a promise for life.
And here she mislaid the purpose of being with you.

She perceived a theory of life as a dawn to sunrise. You drove her through warrior zone to make her explore an infinite strength. She turned back for your existence, but she was left with a note of belief.
When experienced the dynamics of boundless love, she surpassed the clock of present and future.
When she understood the persistence of you, she discovered deep affinity with her soul and hence the mystery resolved.

She owns a journey of solace with no destination. She’s with nature’s bounty of peace, lost in the mystic clouds sketching her wings to challenge the fate of unstoppable you.
She’s wired up with a conviction to embrace a wild storm and a promise to flow as a carefree breeze.